Food for Thought: Will our area fall victim to the aftermath of CO growth and tech trends?

Over the past few years but
most notably in the past few months, we have seen tremendous growth and
expansion within Denver Metro housing and business ecosystems. Although the spike
in home price and high-rise apartment infatuation seemed to be contained to Colorado’s
major cities we are finally seeing these patterns leak into the surrounding

Just recently in
Arapahoe county one apartment complex was purchased for one of the highest
dollar to unit ratios in CO history, stirring up debate on whether these trends
will continue state-wide (, Molly Armbrister). Colorado is also
one of the biggest up and coming tech states in the country, which brings light
to the very real notion that suburban Colorado may no longer be suburban in a
short couple of years. Will we see the whole state become as crowded as Denver?


What are your thoughts
on the matter?

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